Best Sea Freight Forwarders in Mumbai

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Best Sea Freight Forwarders in Mumbai

As the first reefer container shipping platform in Mumbai, Citrus Freight specializes in transporting perishable cargo. As trusted Sea Freight Forwarders in Mumbai, we provide extensive cargo services, including sea transportation, customs clearance, insurance protection, and more. From fruits, vegetables, frozen food , meat, and dairy, to other products, we handle a wide variety of items with utmost care.

Our platform uses the most recent technology to maintain a temperature-controlled environment during the transit process, ensuring that the items reach their destination in the best possible shape. As Sea freight forwarders in Mumbai play a crucial role in the city's logistics industry. Our company, often functioning as both CHA and freight forwarder, streamline the import and export processes for businesses. In numerous freight forwarding companies in Mumbai, we benefit our clients from a wide range of services, including customs clearance, warehousing, and transportation, ensuring their goods reach their destinations efficiently and cost-effectively.

Citrus online consultant for freight forwarding services in mumbai
  • Export to the Gulf

    Our strong presence in the GCC and collaboration with experienced Sea Freight Forwarders in Mumbai enable us to provide the most systematic shipping solutions for transporting goods to any Gulf nation. With a wide-reaching worldwide network, Citrus Freight ensures reliable and efficient logistics services for your cargo.

  • Export to Europe

    At Citrus Freight, our broad connection assures bottom-line and effective shipping alternatives for transporting to any European nation.

  • Export to the Far East

    Our substantial presence in the region enables us to provide cost-effective transportation solutions for doing business in any Far Eastern country.

  • Export to the UAE

    Citrus Freight provides the most effective shipping options for exporting to the UAE, regardless of your location.

Citrus online consultant for freight forwarding services in mumbai

Why choose Citrus?

By selecting Citrus Freight as your Mumbai freight forwarder, you are selecting a dependable partner with a wealth of knowledge in the logistics sector. Our extensive services include the PAN Maharashtra transport service, which provides efficient and trouble-free movement of products throughout the state. We provide our clients with a comprehensive view of their products throughout the shipping process with our cutting-edge technologies and real-time monitoring.

Our Clients



“Citrus Freight has provided us with exceptional service and timely delivery of our cargo. It is the most reliable ocean freight forwarder in Mumbai. Anyone looking for the best ocean forwarder can go with Citrus Freight.”

M S Chawande


“Citrus Freight has helped us streamline our logistics operations with its expertise in ocean freight forwarding. The team shows commitment, which is up to the mark for customer satisfaction. And their services are unmatched.”

Balkrishna Dubey


“The entire shipping process at Citrus Freight was stress-free and easy. Along with this, their customer service is top-notch. We highly recommend Citrus Freight for cargo exporting.”

K D Pawar

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1. In what countries does Citrus Freight provide services?

For exporting services, Citrus Freight has a presence in the Gulf areas, Europe, the Far East, and UAE.

2. What is the transit time for sea freight shipments with Citrus Freight?

The transit time varies depending on the origin and destination of the shipment.

3. What are the payment terms for Citrus Freight’s services?

The payment terms at Citrus Freight vary depending on the specific service and contract agreement with the client.

4. Does Citrus Freight offer insurance for cargo shipments?

Yes, Citrus Freight offers insurance for cargo shipments.

5. Does Citrus Freight handle customs clearance for my shipment?

We have expertise in customs regulations and the CHA process, so we can handle customs clearance for your shipment.


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