Perishable Logistics Services in Mumbai

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Perishable Logistics Services in Mumbai

The logistics industry is integral to keeping things moving smoothly in today's fast-moving world. Perishable Logistics Services in Mumbai play a crucial role in modern commerce, especially for goods like food and dairy products that require specific handling and temperature-controlled logistics to maintain quality and prevent spoilage. As a leading provider of perishable logistics services in Mumbai, Citrus Freight comes to the rescue, ensuring seamless and reliable transportation for your temperature-sensitive goods. Whether transiting goods across the country or delivering packages to customers' doorsteps, trust us to deliver excellence in every aspect of your logistics needs. We specialise in perishable logistics services, offering secure transportation in Mumbai and tailored solutions to meet your needs with expertise in handling perishable goods.

Citrus online consultant for freight forwarding services in mumbai
Citrus online consultant for freight forwarding services in mumbai

Reefer Control Solutions - Better Logistics for Perishable Goods

As the first reefer container service for perishables in Mumbai, we understand the need to provide logistics for perishable goods. Our digital app lets customers book cargo, claim insurance depending on their needs, and find the best solutions.

Citrus online consultant for freight forwarding services in mumbai

Challenges in Perishable Logistics

The major challenge in managing perishable logistics is maintaining goods with a short shelf life. These include fruits and vegetables, meat, and dairy products, with a minimum shelf life that must be monitored under specific temperature conditions. To engage in and tackle such situations, the perishable logistics services in Mumbai at Citrus Freight can help combat them.

  • Marine Insurance

    Our Citrus Freight team's major goal is to secure the security of your marine cargo and use real-time monitoring to recover any damaged products. We also offer insurance services with an amazing 92% premium settlement ratio. Furthermore, our customers may obtain digital maritime insurance services using our user-friendly app.

  • FCL Exports

    The focus is to ensure the safety and security of your marine cargo by using real-time monitoring to detect any potential damage. We also provide insurance services, with a 92% settlement rate for premium clients. In addition, our user-friendly app lets our clients access digital maritime insurance services.

  • Cargo Claims

    We constantly verify the status of your shipments through our comprehensive remote monitoring system and dedicated customer service helpline. Customers can contact our customer care personnel and file complaints if there is any damage during the transit procedure. In addition, our app gives quick and easy access to cargo claims.

  • Temperature Monitoring

    Our temperature monitoring devices, which can provide real-time fluctuation data, assist exporters in taking preventive measures during their export voyage. Furthermore, temperature-monitoring logistics services offer a complete solution for moving temperature-sensitive items such as perishable goods, fruits, etc.

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“I experienced the best while working with the team at Perishable Logistics Services in Mumbai. Their detailing and commitment to keeping my products fresh and safe during transport were impressive. I highly recommend their services.”

Vandana Joshi


“As a business owner who deals with perishable products, finding a reliable logistics partner is crucial. Citrus Freight's perishable logistics Services in Mumbai have exceeded my expectations. Their detailing and commitment to quality are unmatched, and I am grateful for their partnership.”

Vivek Kapoor


“I was searching for reliable perishable logistics services in Mumbai and came across Citrus Freight. They provided me with top-notch services and ensured the goods were delivered timely to the destination in perfect condition. I Highly recommend their services!”

Sameera Mehta

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