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Citrus Freight is the first freight forwarder in Mumbai with a reefer container shipping platform that specializes in transporting perishable cargo . Our comprehensive cargo services include marine transportation, customs clearance, insurance coverage, and more, making citrus logistics trustworthy for businesses in Mumbai. We are equipped to handle a diverse range of goods, including fruits, vegetables, frozen foods, meat, dairy, and more.

Our platform utilizes the latest technology, ensuring that the temperature-controlled environment is maintained throughout the transportation process, guaranteeing that products arrive at their destination in optimal condition. Furthermore, our proficiency in managing customs clearance procedures enables businesses to navigate intricate regulations seamlessly, minimizing the risk of non-compliance or errors that can lead to costly delays or additional expenses. As reputative international freight forwarders in Mumbai, we prioritize the smooth and efficient movement of your goods.

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  • International Ocean Freight

    Citrus Freight’s international ocean freight forwarding services cater to the transportation of goods via sea from one Country to another. We handle all aspects of the shipping process, including documentation, customs clearance, and insurance, to ensure the smooth and secure delivery of goods.

  • Customs Clearance

    As a leading freight forwarder in Mumbai, at Citrus Freight, we understand that each customer's freight needs are unique. We assist in preparing documents for special benefits and help apply for shipping bills. Also, we manage the CHA process, including documentation, inspections, and payment of duties and taxes.Leveraging our expertise as Mumbai freight forwarders, we ensure seamless logistics solutions tailored to your requirements.

  • Surface Transport

    The transportation of goods over land is a vital aspect of the logistics industry, and our surface transportation services provide a dependable and cost-effective solution for this. Our services allow for real-time monitoring and tracking of cargo during transit, ensuring safe and prompt delivery.

  • Cargo Claims

    We offer 24/7 customer service support and a remote monitoring system that enables real-time tracking of goods throughout the shipping process. Our app provides a convenient platform to file cargo claims. Moreover, we are dedicated to assisting our customers in claiming compensation.

  • First-Time Port Registration

    Registering for port-to-port exports can be a daunting task when starting a new business venture. However, we are here to support you throughout the process. Our registration services include A.D. code registration, Duty Drawback, and ICEGate registration.

  • Marine Insurance

    As a leading freight forwarder in Mumbai, Our policies are designed to offer exceptional coverage, backed by a commendable claim settlement ratio of 92%. We prioritize your peace of mind, ensuring that you receive comprehensive support in the face of unforeseen circumstances. With our expertise in logistics and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to handle your cargo with the utmost care and efficiency throughout its journey.

Our Strong Routes Globally

At Citrus Freight, we have established strong global routes that connect our clients to major trading destinations across the world. Our routes include the Gulf, upper Gulf, Iran, Iraq, the Middle East, Europe USA, and the Red Sea ensuring reliable and efficient transport of goods. With our expertise in managing logistics and handling customs requirements, we offer our clients a seamless experience in navigating through international trade regulations

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Citrus online consultant for freight forwarding services in mumbai

Why Citrus as your Freight Forwarder in Mumbai?

Choosing Citrus Freight as your freight forwarder in Mumbai means choosing a reliable partner with extensive experience in the logistics industry. Our comprehensive services include transportation service in PAN Maharashtra, ensuring seamless and hassle-free transportation of goods across the state. With our advanced technologies and real-time monitoring, With citrus logistics we offer our clients complete visibility of their cargo throughout the transportation process.

Our Clients



“I have had the pleasure of working with Citrus Freight and have been impressed with their level of expertise and customer service. They are always available to answer our questions and provide solutions to any shipping challenges we may face. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a reliable and efficient freight forwarder in Mumbai.”

Surendra P


“I highly recommend Citrus Freight as the top freight forwarder in Mumbai. They are professional and efficient, and always deliver on their promises. Their team is responsive and dedicated to providing excellent service. We have been working with them for years and have never been disappointed.”

Lalchand Choudhary


“Citrus Freight is by far the best freight forwarder I have ever worked with. Their team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in handling all types of shipments. They always provide me with timely updates on my shipments and ensure that I am satisfied with their services. I highly recommend Citrus Freight to anyone looking for reliable and efficient freight forwarding solutions.”

I P Alphanso

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1. What services do freight forwarders offer?

Freight forwarders offer a range of services, including transportation, customs clearance, cargo insurance, documentation, and logistics consultation. They also provide real-time tracking and monitoring of cargo during transit, ensuring timely and secure delivery.

2. How do I choose a freight forwarder in Mumbai?

When choosing a freight forwarder in Mumbai, consider factors such as their experience in the industry, their network of partners and agents, their range of services, and their customer support. It is also important to verify their licenses and certifications and to check for reviews and feedback from previous clients.

3. How much does it cost to hire a freight forwarder in Mumbai?

The cost of hiring a freight forwarder in Mumbai can vary depending on the services required, the mode of transportation, the distance traveled, and the type of cargo being transported.

4. What are the benefits of hiring a freight forwarder in Mumbai?

Hiring a freight forwarder in Mumbai offers numerous benefits, including access to their expertise and experience in the logistics industry, reduced risk of cargo loss or damage, streamlined transportation and documentation processes, and improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

5. What documents do I need to provide to a freight forwarder in Mumbai?

The documents required by a freight forwarder in Mumbai will depend on the nature of the shipment and the destination country's regulations. Some common documents include commercial invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, and export licenses. A freight forwarder will be able to provide guidance on the specific documents required for a particular shipment.


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