AD Code Registration | Meaning, Process, and Benefits

AD Code Registration | Meaning, Process, and Benefits

Hello everyone! Today, we're talking about something important if you're doing business across borders: AD code registration. Don't let the name scare you; AD Code for Export is all about making your international transactions smoother. We'll break down what AD codes are, how to apply Ad Code and requirements of Ad Code Registration Documents, why they're a big deal, and how you can get one without any trouble. So, if you're into global business, stick around to learn about AD Code registration in a super simple way!

What is AD Code?

An AD Code, known as an Authorized Dealer Code, acts like an ID for businesses and individuals in global trade. It's a 14-digit number used mainly for customs clearance when goods cross borders. This code ensures that the money for these transactions is legal. Banks provide this code on official paper, following rules set by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).

What is Ad Code in Customs?

Ad code registration at port is a must. If you're sending goods from a port, Without it, you can't get the number required for smooth customs clearance and exporting goods. This number is vital for exporting. Customer clearance authorities use this ad code to verify transactions as per applicable laws.

In simple words, an AD Code is like a passport for your business in international deals!

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What is Ad Code Registration

Ad Code Registration is registering your export business for customs clearance when your goods cross international borders. You will get an ad code letter with a 14-digit code once authorized dealer code registration is done by the bank where you have your current business account. This ad code letter we can acquire once exporters register for an ICE-import export code through DGFT.

Importance of AD Code Registration

Registering for an AD Code is crucial for those involved in import-export businesses. This process enables the government to carefully monitor and manage foreign currency trades, promoting transparency and stability in the economy. With AD Code registration, both importers and exporters can effectively document their foreign exchange transactions.

Benefits of AD Code Registration

  • To comply with legal requirements, importers should obtain AD code registration. This registration is essential for generating shipping bills and depositing funds directly into the dealer's bank account.
  • Additionally, registered AD Codes enable importers to receive government benefits, including duty rebates and GST refunds, directly into their bank account.
  • Payment release depends on having an AD Code, and it is also necessary for ICEGATE Port Registration.

AD Code Registration Process

Eligibility Criteria

Entities eligible for obtaining an AD Code include import-export businesses, individuals engaged in foreign investments, and other entities involved in foreign exchange transactions as per regulatory guidelines.

Types of Transactions Requiring AD Code

AD Code is required for various transactions such as imports and exports, foreign investments, and remittances. Different types of transactions necessitate different categories of AD codes.

Application Submission

The AD Code registration process involves submitting an AD code application to the authorized dealer (AD) bank. The application typically requires details about the entity, its transactions, and the purpose of obtaining the AD Code.

Verification and Issuance

After application submission, the authorized dealer verifies the provided information and documentation. Once verified, the AD Code is issued to the applicant. This code becomes the entity's unique identifier for foreign exchange transactions.

Steps to Register for AD Code

When it comes to international trade, knowing how to register for an AD Code is important. Let's make it simple by breaking down the process of AD registration into easy steps. This way, you'll be ready to tackle how to apply ad code with ease as this key part of doing business worldwide.

How to obtain an AD Code, Citrus Freight

Step 1: Contact an Authorized Dealer (AD) Bank

Reach out to a bank that's authorized to provide AD Codes. Typically, these are commercial banks permitted by the central bank to deal in foreign exchange transactions.

Step 2: Application Form Submission

Obtain the AD Code application form from the bank. Fill out the form accurately and completely, providing all necessary details about your business, transactions, and purpose for obtaining the AD Code.

Step 3: Gather Required Documents

Here's a list of documents required for obtaining an AD Code:

  • Bank AD Code Authorization Letter in Annexure-A (original): This letter confirms the bank's authorization to issue an AD Code to your entity.
  • Authorization Letter for ICEGATE Registration: It’s a legal document permitting a company or any individual to process registration if an authorized person is unable to come directly.
  • Customs Broker's Letter on Letterhead: A letter from your customs broker asking for the AD Code registration.
  • GST Registration Certificate: Proof of your business's Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration.
  • Import-Export Code License: Your Import-Export Code (IEC) license is essential for international trade.
  • PAN Card: Copy of your Permanent Account Number (PAN) card, used for taxation purposes.
  • Export House Certificate (if applicable): If your business holds an Export House Certificate, include a copy.
  • Manufacturing License (if applicable): If you have a manufacturing license, provide a copy.
  • Aadhaar, and Voter ID/Passport of Owners: Identification documents of the owners, including the Aadhaar Card, and either the Voter ID or Passport.

Remember that these document requirements might vary based on your country's regulations and the specific bank's procedures. Make sure to provide accurate and complete documents to ensure a successful AD Code registration process.

Step 4: Document Verification

Submit the completed application form along with the supporting documents to the bank. The bank's officials will verify the accuracy and authenticity of the provided information and documents.

Step 5: Clarifications and Additional Information

If the bank requires any further information or clarification, they will reach out to you. Make sure to promptly respond and provide any requested details.

Step 6: Verification and Approval

The bank will review your application, documents, and any clarifications you've provided. Upon successful verification, the bank will approve your application for AD Code registration.

Step 7: Issuance of AD Code

Once your application is approved, the bank will issue your unique AD Code. This code will be provided to you in writing, usually on the bank's official letterhead.

Step 8: Port Registration (If Applicable)

For those involved in importing or exporting goods, registering your AD Code with the relevant port through ICEGATE is necessary. This step ensures that the port recognizes your AD Code for customs clearance.

Step 9: Utilizing the AD Code

With your AD Code in hand, you can now use it for various international transactions, including customs clearance, foreign currency transactions, and availing of government benefits.

It's important to note that the AD Code registration process might slightly vary based on the regulations of the country you're operating in and the specific bank you're dealing with. Therefore, it's recommended to closely follow the guidelines provided by the authorized dealer bank and regulatory authorities in your jurisdiction.

AD Code registration on ICEGATE Website

Here's how you can register your AD Code on the ICEGATE website:

  • Login: Log in to the ICEGATE website using your login credentials.
  • Bank Account Management: On the left panel, click on "Bank Account Management."
  • AD Code Registration: On the Export Promotion Bank Account Management page, click on "AD Code Registration."
  • Authorized Dealer Code: Choose "Authorized Dealer Code Registration" and click "Submit" to access the AD Code Bank Account Registration dashboard. If your locations aren't registered yet, use the "Add Account" option at the dashboard's bottom.
  • Details and documents: Fill in the required details, including location, bank name, and AD Code. Upload the necessary documents as outlined on the website.
  • Document References: Once your documents are successfully uploaded, you'll get an image reference number (IRN) and a document reference number (DRN).
  • Save Changes and OTP: After entering valid details, click "Save Change." You'll receive a six-digit OTP on your email and mobile.
  • OTP Verification: Once you verify the OTP, your bank account modification request is sent to ICEGATE. When ICEGATE approves your bank account addition request, the bank account details will be visible on your Authorized dealer or AD code dashboard.
  • Ad Code Registration Fees: It’s a one-time fee borne by the exporter. However, ad code registration fees vary from state to state, and they don’t come under government fees.

Following these steps will help you smoothly register your AD Code on the ICEGATE platform.

Facing problems while getting your AD Code? Here's how to fix them.

Document Verification Issues
Incorrect or incomplete documents can lead to verification delays. Double-checking documents and seeking guidance from the AD bank can help resolve such issues.

Transaction Type Clarity
Understanding the specific transaction type and its corresponding AD Code category is crucial to avoid confusion during the application process.

Communication with Authorities
Maintaining open communication with the AD bank and regulatory authorities can help address any queries or concerns that arise during the AD Code registration process.

Maintaining AD Code Information

Updates and Reporting
It's crucial to keep your AD Code details current and report foreign exchange transactions accurately to regulatory authorities, as required.

AD Code Validity
Good news! AD Codes have no expiration date. They remain valid for as long as your business exists. No renewal is needed!


AD Code registration is your passport to international trade. Remember, it stays with you as long as your business does. Speaking of which, if you're looking for top-notch shipping and trade services, check out Citrus Freight. From full container loading and clearance to transportation and insurance, we have got you covered. With the right AD Code and the right partner, your global business journey is set for success!