How to Export Fruits and Vegetables from India to Dubai

How to Export Fruits and Vegetables from India to Dubai

If you wish to export fruits and vegetables from India to Dubai but are not sure how to do it, then you are in the right place. We are here to help you out with ways to export things to Dubai. Dubai accounts for almost 70% of the country's total imports and ranks as the 25th largest country in the export market. It shares a good business bond with India in trading. Experts forecast this trade will be worth around 120 billion dollars by 2025. As Dubai is a place that is good and liberal with religious standards, India could maintain this great business bond.

Various products are imported from India to Dubai, like mineral oils, fuels, coal, wax, machinery, appliances, cereals, nuts, dry fruits, fruits and vegetables, textile products, and other organic chemicals. As such, every country has its own trading rules, and so does Dubai, with a few trading rules and regulations:

  • Certification from Halal is mandatory.
  • Food and pharmaceutical products must be exempted from tax.
  • A tax of 25% is applicable on tobacco and alcohol.
  • Agricultural products must have medical clearance.

Certificates Needed

  • Bills from the sea and airways
  • Purchase and sales invoice
  • Origin Certificate of the exporter
  • A contract between an exporter and an importer
  • List of packing goods
  • Details of all the goods with their manufacturing and expiry dates
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Vegetable Export from India to UAE

India is blessed with diverse climatic conditions where we find varieties of fruits and vegetables of all seasons at any time. Production-wise, India ranks second next to China. It is evident that we have tremendous opportunities for fruit and vegetable exports from India globally. As fruits and vegetables are perishable in nature, APEDA initiated setting up several centres for perishable cargoes and integrated post-harvest handling facilities in the country. Fresh vegetable exporters, producers, and processors have also contributed, along with large private investments.

Vegetable exports from India in 2023 will total around 865.24 USD million. On the other hand, fresh fruit exports from India reached 770.70 USD million. Experts anticipate another inclination in vegetable exports from India in 2024. For this contribution, we are already exporting vegetables from India to West Asia, both fresh and processed.

Vegetable exports from India to Dubai have been on the rise in recent years; this might be due to geo-economic reasons or naturally diversified immigrants residing in the UAE.

How to Export vegetables from India to UAE

After thoroughly knowing all these regulations mentioned above, let's see how to export vegetables from India to Dubai in simple steps.

For anyone who wants to start their fruit and vegetable export business from India to Dubai, their first confusion starts with how to export vegetables from India and how to export fruits from India

By understanding the difficult choices faced by fruit exporters and vegetable exporters, we made citrus freight the most common mode of transport from India to Dubai. They are considered the best, cheapest, and safest way to transport goods to Dubai. India’s No. 1 digital app for exporting fruits and vegetables from India to Dubai or globally.

  • Initially, you must get an export-import confirmation certificate from your local Agriculture and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority 5 to clear the legal issues.
  • Pack all the fruits and vegetables in an airtight container and get them labeled.
  • Book at nearby government cold storage offices for a test on materials being transferred before their dispatch.
  • After a sound check, these items are labeled and packed in a refrigerated container and shipped for transport via seaways.
  • You can also use the Citrus Freight app , India's first refrigerated storage app that can help you pack your goods in a well-mannered way.
  • If the transport is planned through airways, then these will be stored in air cargo.
  • Once the pack is reached, a message will be sent regarding the same to your registered contracts.

How to get in touch for orders?

If you plan to start a trading business from India to Dubai, it is important to keep tracking social media trading sites for more information. Get a thorough knowledge of Dubai's local market demands and, based on that, use your website for marketing your trading products. Maintain good contact with the international and local chambers of commerce. Keep participating in trade fairs and exhibitions to get updated with information on trading and to learn tricks and tips. Good communication with the Indian Embassy in Dubai helps a lot more for good business. However, exporting fruits and vegetables from India to Dubai becomes viable if you follow all the regulations and carefully process things.


1. Which vegetables are exported from India to Dubai?

India exports a variety of vegetables to Dubai and other international markets. The specific vegetables exported can vary based on factors such as seasonal availability, market demand, and trade agreements.
Some of the commonly exported vegetables from India to Dubai include:
1. Onions: India is a major exporter of onions, and Dubai is one of the destinations for Indian onion exports.
2. Potatoes: Potatoes are another staple vegetable that India exports to Dubai.
3. Tomatoes: Fresh tomatoes are also exported from India to Dubai.
4. Chillies and Peppers: Various types of chillies and peppers are exported from India to meet the spice preferences in Dubai
5. Okra (Ladyfinger): Okra is popular and exported to various international markets, including Dubai.

2. How to export fruits to Dubai?

Curious about exporting fruits to Dubai? Start by researching market demand and understanding local regulations. Choose reputable fruit suppliers, ensure quality control, and pack your products securely. Prepare essential export documentation, collaborate with a reliable freight forwarder, and navigate customs clearance with accuracy. Whether shipping by air, sea, or land, consider cold chain logistics for perishable fruits. Build relationships with local distributors, stay informed about market trends, and maintain good communication with all stakeholders.

3. How much does it cost to export from India to Dubai?

The cost of exporting from India to Dubai depends on various factors, such as the type of goods, the mode of transportation, and customs duties. Additionally, packaging, documentation, insurance, and currency exchange rates contribute to expenses. For accurate estimates, consult logistics experts. At Citrus Freight, we provide detailed pricing through our app, allowing you to compare and book reefer containers and ocean freight rates seamlessly.

4. What food items are exported to Dubai from India?

India exports a diverse range of food items to Dubai, catering to the preferences and demands of the market.
Some of the common food items exported from India to Dubai include:
Rice: India is a major exporter of rice, and various varieties are shipped to Dubai.
Spices: Indian spices, known for their rich flavors, are in high demand. This includes items like cardamom, cumin, coriander, and turmeric.
Tea: Indian tea, particularly varieties like Assam and Darjeeling, is widely exported to Dubai.
Fresh Fruits: Mangoes, bananas, grapes, pomegranates, and other fresh fruits are exported from India to Dubai.
Vegetables: onions, Potatoes, tomatoes, and other vegetables are commonly exported.
Pulses and Lentils: Various types of pulses and lentils are exported to meet the demand for vegetarian and protein-rich foods.
Processed Foods: Ready-to-eat meals, snacks, and processed foods, including Indian sweets and namkeens, are exported to Dubai.
Frozen Foods: Frozen seafood, vegetables, and other frozen food products are part of the export portfolio.
Dairy Products: Indian dairy products such as ghee, paneer (cottage cheese), and certain types of cheese are also exported.
It's important to note that the variety of food items exported can change based on factors like seasonal availability, market trends, and trade agreements. Additionally, exporters need to comply with food safety standards and regulations set by both Indian and Dubai authorities.

5. How can Citrus Freight help me export fruits and vegetables to Dubai?

Citrus Freight simplifies exporting fruits and vegetables to Dubai.Through our app, you can conveniently book reefer containers and access competitive ocean freight rates. Benefit from our expertise, cost transparency, and efficient logistics for a smooth export process.