How to export fruits and vegetables to Dubai from India? | Citrus

How to export fruits and vegetables to Dubai from India? | Citrus

If you wish to export fruits and vegetables to Dubai but are not sure how to do it, then you are in the right place. We are here to help you out with ways to export things to Dubai. Dubai accounts for almost 70% of the country's total imports and ranks as the 25th largest country in the export market. It shares a good business bond with India in trading. Experts forecast this trade will be worth around 120 billion dollars by 2025. As Dubai is a place that is good and liberal with religious standards, India could maintain this great business bond.

Various products are imported from India to Dubai, like mineral oils, fuels, coal, wax, machinery, appliances, cereals, nuts, dry fruits, fruits and vegetables, textile products, and other organic chemicals. As such, every country has its own trading rules, and so does Dubai, with a few trading rules and regulations:

  • Certification from Halal is mandatory.
  • Food and pharmaceutical products must be exempted from tax.
  • A tax of 25% is applicable on tobacco and alcohol.
  • Agricultural products must have medical clearance.

Certificates Needed

  • Bills from the sea and airways
  • Purchase and sales invoice
  • Origin Certificate of the exporter
  • A contract between an exporter and an importer
  • List of packing goods
  • Details of all the goods with their manufacturing and expiry dates

How to Export

After thoroughly knowing all these regulations mentioned above, let's see how the transport is processed.
Citrus Freight is the most common mode of transport from India to Dubai. They are considered the best, cheapest, and safest way to transport goods to Dubai.

  • Initially, you must get an export-import confirmation certificate from your local Agriculture and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority 5 to clear the legal issues.
  • Pack all the fruits and vegetables in an airtight container and get them labeled.
  • Book at nearby government cold storage offices for a test on materials being transferred before their dispatch.
  • After a sound check, these items are labeled and packed in a refrigerated container and shipped for transport via seaways.
  • You can also use the Citrus Freight app , India's first refrigerated storage app that can help you pack your goods in a well-mannered way.
  • If the transport is planned through airways, then these will be stored in air cargo.
  • Once the pack is reached, a message will be sent regarding the same to your registered contracts.

How to get in touch for orders?

If you plan to start a trading business from India to Dubai, it is important to keep tracking social media trading sites for more information. Get a thorough knowledge of Dubai's local market demands and, based on that, use your website for marketing your trading products. Maintain good contact with the international and local chambers of commerce. Keep participating in trade fairs and exhibitions to get updated with information on trading and to learn tricks and tips. Good communication with the Indian Embassy in Dubai helps a lot more for good business. However, exporting fruits and vegetables from India to Dubai becomes viable if you follow all the regulations and carefully process things.