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Perishable Logistics Company in Bangalore

Citrus Freight is the one and only platform for shipping reefer containers for perishable exports in India. Citrus Freight is available to assist you if your firm is among those seeking a logistics provider in Bangalore. For many items, including sea shipping, clearance, insurance, and more, we provide an extensive array of logistics services in Bangalore. Frozen fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy goods, other items are among them.

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If you are an international company looking for efficient shipping solutions to and from worldwide, come to Citrus Freight, a reputed logistics company in Bangalore, to meet all your comprehensive logistics needs. Our international shipping services can deliver all your shipments to and from anywhere. Our Top shipping routes include:

  • Export to Gulf
  • Export to Upper Gulf
  • Export to Europe
  • Export to Russia
  • Export to Far East
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“I recently shipped something from Bangalore to Delhi via Citrus Freight Logistics, a Bangalore-based logistics business. My item was delivered swiftly and safely thanks to their dependable and timely service. The prices were reasonable for the quality they offered, and the sales agent was kind and well-informed.”

Rakesh Varma


“For us, Citrus Freight logistic remote monitoring has changed everything since we started using it a few months ago. They guided us in choosing customized services and provided in-depth explanations of their main advantages. Without a doubt, I would recommend their services to you and any other shipping facility.”

Bhargav Reddy


“Maintaining client satisfaction has been greatly aided by Citrus Freight Logistics' remote monitoring capability, which allows us to follow delivery schedules and keep an eye on shipments in real-time. In addition, the customer support has been outstanding and very beneficial. Therefore, if you're looking for a logistic firm in Ahmedabad, we highly suggest them.”

Yashwanth Kumar

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