Freight Forwarding Company in Bangalore

Freight Forwarding Company in Bangalore

One of India's busiest and most significant commercial centers is in Bangalore. As a result, the city now has a higher demand for trustworthy and effective freight forwarding companies. In India, freight forwarding companies play a vital role in the delivery and transportation of commodities both domestically and abroad, whether by land, sea, or air. Citrus Freight, the first platform for shipping reefer containers, specializes in the transportation of perishable goods. To ensure that products arrive in pristine condition, our platform uses state-of-the-art technology to maintain a temperature-controlled environment during transit.

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  • FCL

    We offer all associated services in addition to the complete container cargo for road freight. For instance, we offer genuine paperwork, support, and coordination with Bangalore’s clearing and forwarding agents, as well as customs clearance, paperwork, and other registration requirements. In order to ensure the safety and prompt delivery of goods, we now offer door-to-door delivery services.

  • Cost Effective

    We provide an affordable range of pricing to carry out logistics and freight forwarding services. This allows the customer to have a cost-effective service of the highest quality.

  • Dedicated Team of Experts

    We provide an affordable range of pricing to carry out logistics and freight forwarding services. This allows the customer to have a cost-effective service of the highest quality.

  • Dedicated Team of Experts

    All of the required freight forwarding services are performed by our team of professionals. The personnel have received training and hold qualifications. Additionally, you receive assistance from our network team of local specialists in all locations for customs clearance and local authorities.

  • Get a Confirmed Delivery Order

    You do not need to wait for manual quotes now. With our Citrus app, you can book a cargo suited to your product's needs. You will immediately get a delivery confirmation with all the details, including shipping bills, customs taxes, and duty costs.

  • Advanced Tracking Facility

    You can get live monitoring and maintain track of the items using the Citrus Freight app's live-monitoring features. You can monitor the package and allow remote access thanks to modern digital technology.

  • Digital Advantage

    Citrus Freight is renowned for enhancing the effectiveness and transparency of our operations via the use of cutting-edge technology and creative solutions. As a top freight forwarder in Bangalore, we provide our customers with live monitoring and digital insurance to help them stay ahead of the competition in a competitive market. Our services are quicker, more accurate, and easier to access.

  • Fair Pricing

    Citrus works hard to offer fair and reasonable service prices. For companies that need to control supply chain expenses and make sure they get the most return on their investment, this might be particularly crucial.

  • Expert in Perishables

    Fruits, vegetables, and flowers are among the perishable items that citrus handles. This indicates that we possess the infrastructure and specialized knowledge necessary to guarantee that these goods are delivered in an appropriate manner while retaining their quality and freshness.

  • Best Logistics

    Citrus is renowned for offering trustworthy and effective logistics solutions. For companies that deal with intricate supply chains and guarantee on-time product delivery, this can be crucial. By working together, the companies may take advantage of Citrus's experience in logistics while concentrating on their primary business activities.

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“I was happy to collaborate with Bangalore's top-rated and original reefer container services. They made every effort to obtain port registration and customs clearance for us.”

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