Opportunity in perishable exports from India

Opportunity in perishable exports from India

Many Indian goods are in huge demand abroad. India produces lots of essential goods and distributes them to other countries. The most exported products from India are petroleum, pharmaceuticals, jewelry, vehicles, spices, and food products. Shipping goods from India is crucial in increasing the country's economy.

India is also known for its export of perishable goods. India has exported 192 shipments of perishable goods to other countries this year. However, export from India requires an efficient supply chain system. If perishable goods aren't kept in a cool place, they quickly go bad, rot, and become unhealthy.

What is the role of temperature in exporting perishable goods?

Each perishable food has a specific shelf life that indicates how long it will keep its fragrance and freshness. The common Perishable goods exported from India include seafood, pharmaceuticals, meat, flowers, vegetables, fruits, hatching eggs, day-old chicks, etc.

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Every region of India has different climate conditions that result in the production of various fruits and vegetables. However, these fresh products must go through a long journey to reach their destination. The perishable products require special care and handling during the entire exporting process .

When transporting perishable goods, the right temperature, vapor, humidity, water loss, and air movement are vital. These factors affect the preservation and shelf life of goods. It helps maintain the beauty and fragrance of flowers and the taste of fruits grown in India.

What are the challenges of exporting perishable goods in India?

Even though India produces a significant number of perishable goods, 37% of them go to waste annually. It happens because of inadequate infrastructure at the warehousing stage. Handling temperature-sensitive cargo requires more care and is expensive.

Most of the vegetables and fruit are transported by air. It quickly transports the fresh products, but it causes high distribution costs. Managing a refrigerated container is also difficult.

India's export supply chain requires seamless handling of temperature-sensitive goods using cold storage infrastructure.

How does technology help in exporting perishable goods from India?

Technology always plays an essential role in the logistics industry. It helps survive in the ever-changing market. Different types of digital technologies that help deliver perishable goods include:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

    The IoT helps the logistics industry by providing integrated warehouse management and transportation solutions. The integrated network improves the efficiency of storing and moving perishable goods. The availability of real-time data helps in reducing waste and damage to goods.

  • Agri Input

    It improves the quality of the goods as it decreases pest attacks and diseases. They are easy to use and maintain. It helps you achieve a better quality of crop production.

  • Refrigerated Ships

    Refrigerated ships enable the transport of perishable goods over a long distance. Citrus Freight ensures the freshness of your perishable goods by shipping them in a reefer ship.

  • Digital Platforms

    Digital platforms have become a new business model which offers effective transport services and increases the tradability of services. Citrus is a leading app in India that provides a range of benefits of digital technology. It makes it possible for perishable goods to be delivered using cloud computing, automation, AI, and data analytics.

Top profitable perishable goods to export from India

Different parts of India export perishable goods in bulk to other countries. The most exported items include fresh vegetables such as beans, ginger, eggplants, yam, and chilies. Fresh fruits like green bananas, pineapples, gooseberry, jackfruit, tapioca, and guava are in high demand aboard.

Usually, India exports these goods to Kuwait, Dubai, London, Doha, New York, and Amsterdam every month.