How To Book a Reefer Container For My Product Export

How To Book a Reefer Container For My Product Export

Ready to ship your products abroad? If your products require special temperature control, consider booking a reefer container. These containers act like portable refrigerators, ensuring your perishable goods stay fresh and in optimal condition throughout the shipping process. Let's dive into the simple steps to secure a reefer container for your export needs.

Whether it's fresh produce or other temperature-sensitive items, ensuring the right conditions during transportation is crucial.

To learn how to book a container for export in India, it is essential to understand the container booking process. The steps involved in container booking for export include selecting a shipping line, choosing the appropriate container type, and confirming the booking details with the shipping company. For comprehensive guidance on how to book a container in shipping, exporters should consult their freight forwarder or the shipping line's official website for specific instructions and documentation requirements.

Here's a straightforward guide to make your export experience hassle-free, ensuring your perishable goods arrive at their destination as good as when they left.

4 Essential Steps for Successful Shipping

1. Finding a freight forwarder - perishables expert: Finding a reliable freight forwarder is a crucial aspect of successful shipping, especially when dealing with perishable goods . Begin by clearly defining your shipping needs, specifying the type of perishable items, and any specific requirements. Research and shortlist potential candidates based on their experience, reputation, and global network. Verify their credentials, certifications, and technological capabilities, emphasizing real-time tracking systems and digital apps for enhanced supply chain visibility. Communication skills and responsiveness are key factors to evaluate. Inquire about insurance coverage, customs compliance, and expertise in handling perishables.

For optimal handling of perishable cargo, consider freight forwarders with a dedicated focus on perishables experts. These specialists ensure proper packaging, regulatory compliance, and maintenance of optimal conditions throughout transportation, minimizing the risk of spoilage. Embracing a digital-forward approach, including real-time quoting systems, can further streamline the shipping process and offer exporters comprehensive control over their perishable shipments.

2. Requesting them Quote: Seeking freight prices necessitates ongoing communication with your network of freight forwarders. Essential details such as shipping dates, ports of origin and destination, commodities, packing specifications, and freight type must be communicated before requesting freight quotes. Once these parameters are established, you can initiate the quotation process by reaching out to your freight forwarders directly or opting for a digital freight forwarder to automate and expedite the quote retrieval process.

Moreover, several freight forwarders now offer the convenience of both a website and a dedicated mobile app. Take, for example, Citrus Freight , whose app simplifies the process by providing instant quotes and additional services. By downloading the app, users can easily access and manage their shipping needs, making the entire experience more streamlined and user-friendly.

3. Requesting them shipping: Initiating a shipping request involves a series of essential steps. After finalizing the freight forwarder and agreeing on the terms, provide them with comprehensive shipping details, including shipping dates, pickup and delivery locations, cargo specifics, and any special requirements. Whether through direct communication or a digital platform, furnish the necessary information promptly to ensure a smooth shipping process.

4. Following up on shipping progress: After initiating the shipping process, stay actively engaged by regularly following up with your chosen freight forwarder. Utilize tracking systems or direct communication channels to receive updates on your shipment's progress, enabling you to address any issues promptly and ensure a smooth delivery.

A Step-by-Step Guide with Citrus Freight App

I'm excited to guide you through the simple steps of booking an end-to-end reefer container using the Citrus Freight application.

Open the Citrus Freight App:

On your screen, locate the 'Search Freight' option in the top left corner.

Select Loading and Discharge Ports:

Below the search option, choose the 'From' and 'To' ports, indicating the port of loading (e.g., Nhava Sheva) and port of discharge (e.g., Jebel Ali).

Choose Your Commodity:

Scroll down and select the commodity you wish to export—for instance, I'm choosing 'onion.'

Specify Container Quantity:

Enter the number of containers you want to book and click the search button. Here you can select reefer containers, including 40HC RF and 40RF, tailored to your specific shipping needs.

Explore Shipping Lines and Rates:

Review the available shipping lines and their rates. Click 'View Details' for the one that suits your preference.

Review Quotation:

Scroll up to check your quotation. If you wish to add services like customs clearance and transportation, click 'Add Service.'

Add Custom Clearance and Transportation:

Select the clearance port and type, then click on 'Transportation.' Choose your stuffing location and VL type, then click 'Done.'

Final Quotation Breakup:

Your final quotation breakup includes freight charges, origin charges, customs clearance, transportation charges, and other mandatory charges. You can also include GST for the final cost.

Check Vessel Schedule:

If you want to see service timings, click on 'Vessel Schedule' to check gate open, ETD, and ETL timings.

Proceed to Booking:

Click 'Proceed' to review all the booking details, including commodity details.

That's it! You've successfully booked a reefer container using the Citrus Freight application. For more information or assistance, refer to the app or contact Citrus Freight customer support.


In summary, using the Citrus Freight app makes booking reefer containers easy. The app is user-friendly, shows clear prices, and lets you choose specific container types. With added services like customs clearance and transportation, it's a straightforward way to handle international shipping. Citrus Freight is here to make your container booking simple and reliable.