Cold Chain Specialist for Perishables in Bangalore

Cold Chain Specialist for Perishables in Bangalore

As one of the best-known cold chain specialists for perishables, Citrus Freight has extensive professional expertise and effective strategies to export your perishable goods safely from one port to another. At Citrus, our cold chain specialist in Bangalore ensures that the reefer containers reach their intended destination safely without causing any food waste. You can choose the right cold chain specialist in Bangalore as per your requirements.

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  • End-to-end visibility

    To make sure your items retain a consistent temperature and don't go to waste, our cold chain specialist examines the needs of cold chain storage. Additionally, our team at Citrus Freight offers you reefer containers to ship your goods to other countries at an affordable cost.

  • Customs Clearance

    As one of the most well-known logistics firms in Bangalore, Citrus is aware that every customer has different needs when it comes to ocean freight services. We are dedicated to fulfilling your expectations as a clearing and forwarding agent in accordance with Bangalore CHA procedures, which include filing paperwork, conducting inspections, and paying taxes.

  • Value-Added Services

    In addition to a wide range of other services, Citrus Freight provides value-added services like marine insurance, cargo claims, live temperature monitoring, port registration, and KYC. By utilizing these, you can take advantage of our wide range of services.

  • Committed Customer Service

    All necessary product-forwarding services are handled by our team of experts. The workers possess the required training and certificates. Our network of local law enforcement and customs clearance specialists also provides support for you.

  • Great Customer Service

    Our team is available 24/7 to address your inquiries and provide shipment updates. We value our strong customer relationships and guarantee to meet your needs.

  • Global Cold Chain Network

    Our growing network of eco-friendly, strategically located cold stores offers tailored value-added services, forming the backbone of a superior cold chain logistics solution.

Our Clients



“ Citrus Freight provides excellent cold chain logistics support for the shipping of various perishable goods. The customer support was excellent and offered customized solutions to match the requirements. ”

Manohar Pande


“We have been using Bangalore's cold chain specialized services for the past few years. Our experience has been completely transformed by the temperature-controlled technology of the reefer container. In addition, the professional team has been supportive in addressing any questions. ”

Kishore S


“My firm has greatly benefited from partnering with reputable cold chain specialist services in Bangalore. The customer service team is always accessible to answer any specific questions you may have. ”

Sunil Mahadeo

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