Ready to cook exports from India

Ready to cook exports from India, Ready to cook food exports from India

Welcome to our blog, "Ready to Cook Exports from India." Discover the simplicity and richness of Indian cuisine brought straight to your kitchen. We'll explore the convenience of ready to cook food products, making cooking a delightful experience. Join us on this flavorful journey from the ready-to-cook market in India into the heart of Indian flavors, making every meal a breeze to prepare and enjoy!

What are ready to cook products exported from india?

Ready to cook products exported from India encompass a wide array of convenient food items that are partially prepared and require minimal effort from the consumer to transform them into ready to serve dishes. Some notable ready to cook food products exported from India include:

Frozen Parathas and Rotis :

Frozen, pre-cooked flatbreads like parathas and rotis offer a quick solution to ready to eat traditional vibes made at home.

Frozen Vegetable Mixes:

Pre-cut and frozen vegetable mixes for various dishes, streamlining the cooking process and ensuring a consistent blend of ingredients.

Frozen Meat Cuts:

Export of frozen cuts of ready to cook meat, including chicken, lamb, and beef, which are pre-processed, packaged, and ready for cooking.

Marinated Meat Products:

Ready to cook marinated and pre-seasoned meat products, such as marinated chicken or lamb, which reduce the preparation time for consumers.

Frozen Seafood:

In the Indian ready-to-cook frozen seafood market, seafood like shrimp, fish fillets, and other seafood products are often pre-seasoned or marinated for convenience.

Meat-Based Frozen Ready Meals:

Ready to cook frozen meals that include a combination of meat, vegetables, and sauces, providing a complete and convenient solution for consumers.

Instant Dosa and Idli Mixes:

Mixes for popular South Indian breakfast items like dosas and idlis, providing a quick solution for breakfast preparation.

Instant Snack Mixes:

Ready to cook snack mixes such as pakoras, samosas, or chaat, offering a convenient way to enjoy Indian snacks.

Ready to Cook Lentils and Pulses:

Pre-soaked and partially cooked lentils and pulses, reducing the cooking time for various Indian lentil-based dishes.

Frozen Desserts:

Pre-prepared Indian desserts like gulab jamun, rasgulla, or kulfi, allow for an instant sweet treat. These ready to cook food products cater to the increasing demand for quick and convenient meal solutions, both domestically and internationally.

Export Growth in Ready to Eat, Cook, and Serve Delights

In the past decade, India's export of final consumer food products, particularly Ready to Eat (RTE), Ready to Cook (RTC), and Ready to Serve (RTS) items, has witnessed remarkable growth. The Ministry of Commerce & Industry's emphasis on value addition has fueled a 12% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in the RTE category, elevating its share in APEDA exports from 2.1% to 5%.

The combined export of RTE, RTC, and RTS products has seen a CAGR of 10.4% from 2011-12 to 2020-21, reaching over $2.14 billion in 2020-21. This surge in demand for these convenient, time-saving food items is evident in the 23% increase in exports from April to October 2021 compared to the same period the previous year.

Export Dynamics: Ready to Eat (RTE), Ready to Cook (RTC), and Ready to Serve (RTS)

Ready to Eat (RTE) Success Story:

  • RTE exports reached $1.011 billion in April–October 2021, up from $823 million in the same period of 2020-21.
  • In 2020-21, RTE exports amounted to $1.043 billion, showcasing a growth rate of 26% from the previous year.

Top Destinations:

  • The USA emerged as the leading importer, particularly in Biscuits & Confectionery, Breakfast Cereals, Indian Sweets and Snacks, and Pan Masala & Betel Nuts.
  • Other significant importers include Malaysia for Jaggery and Nepal for Wafers.

Ready to Eat (RTE) Categories Breakdown:

  • Biscuits & Confectionery and Indian Sweets and Snacks constituted a major share of 89% in RTE exports in 2020-21.
  • The growth rates varied across categories, with Biscuits & Confectionery recording a robust 28.87% growth.

Key Destinations:

  • Major destinations for RTE exports in 2020-21 were the USA (18.73%), U.A.E (8.64%), Nepal (5%), Canada (4.77%), and others.

Ready to Cook (RTC) Rise:

  • RTC exports showed a remarkable 52% growth in 2020-21, with Powder and Starch leading the surge at 174% growth.
  • The USA, Malaysia, and U.A.E were the top importers of RTC products from India.

Ready to Serve (RTS) Expansion:

  • RTS exports grew at a CAGR of 11% in the last decade, with Energy Products/Drinks leading the growth at 31.10%.
  • The major exporting countries for RTS items include the USA, Malaysia, U.A.E, Indonesia, and the UK.

India's Ready to Cook Position in the Global Market:

India is doing really well in selling ready to cook food globally. This success is because people's lifestyles are changing, and they are paying more attention to being healthy. Also, many folks are using online shopping and digital platforms, which is helping a lot. 

According to a recent report by TechSci Research, the India Ready to Cook Food Market has witnessed significant growth, reaching USD 490.85 million in 2023. The market is projected to continue expanding at a robust CAGR of 16.2% from 2025 to 2029. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the growth of the RTC food market, with lockdowns and social distancing measures prompting consumers to turn to these products as a safer alternative to dining out or traditional cooking. 

To keep up this positive momentum, it's essential for frozen food manufacturers to tackle challenges like upholding quality and safety standards, navigating through regulations, and ensuring a strong supply chain and distribution network. Moreover, the industry's emphasis on frozen plant-based and vegan products, regional flavors, and sustainable packaging resonates well with the changing preferences of health-conscious and environmentally aware consumers.


The ready to cook export industry from India has experienced significant growth and success in recent years. The demand for convenient and time-saving food options, such as ready to cook products, has been a driving force behind this expansion.

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