Common Mistakes to Avoid when Shipping Freight Internationally

International Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

International shipping can be tricky, and businesses often face challenges that lead to delays and extra costs. To make sure your shipments go smoothly, it's important to know and avoid common mistakes, especially when dealing with perishable goods. In this blog, we'll talk about the typical errors when shipping goods from India to Dubai and the UAE. Plus, we'll discuss how to pick a budget-friendly freight forwarding option. Let's explore the pitfalls and ensure a hassle-free global shipping process.

What Can Go Wrong with Shipping Internationally?

Today's consumers expect quick and efficient international shipping services. For businesses engaged in import and export, giving priority to shipping processes is crucial.

When you're checking your transportation game plan, it's common to wonder:

  • What slip-ups do people usually make in global shipping?
  • What are the big risks when moving stuff across countries by sea?
  • Which paperwork stands out as super crucial in international shipping?

To ensure the highest customer satisfaction, answers can show that there might be some problems with the way you do things. When transporting goods, particularly perishable items, from India to Dubai and the UAE, it's essential to be mindful of potential slip-ups and risks in global shipping. Here are some common mistakes in international shipping that you should avoid.

1. Not Knowing Destination Regulations: Mistake: Every country has its own rules for importing goods. Not knowing them can lead to delays and extra costs , particularly concerning perishable items.

Solution: Research and understand the regulations of the destination country before shipping. Work with a knowledgeable freight forwarder for guidance.

2. Poor Packing and Labeling:

Mistake: Incorrect packaging and labeling can result in damaged goods and extra costs for repackaging.

Solution: Ensure proper packaging and labeling to protect your goods during transit.

3. Incorrect Valuation:

Mistake: Wrongly valuing your shipment can lead to fines and additional costs.

Solution: Accurately value your goods and declare the correct value on shipping documentation.

4. Lack of Proper Insurance:

Mistake: Shipping internationally involves risks. Not having proper insurance can lead to significant financial losses if goods are lost or damaged.

Solution: Ensure your shipments, particularly those containing perishable goods, are adequately insured to safeguard against potential losses.

5. Choosing the Wrong Freight Forwarder:

Mistake: Picking an inexperienced or ill-suited freight forwarder can lead to inefficiencies and increased costs.

Solution: Choose a freight forwarder with expertise in your type of shipment and experience in the specific destinations you're shipping to.

6. Ignoring Freight Forwarding Costs:

Mistake: Focusing solely on low costs without considering the overall value of services.

Solution: Balance cost and service when choosing a freight forwarder. The cheapest option might not always be the best.

7. Inaccurate Information:

Mistake: Overlooking crucial details like delivery addresses and carrier codes.

Solution: Double-check essential information to avoid costly mistakes and delays.

8. Opting for Low-Cost Freight Without Research:

Mistake: Choosing low-cost freight without considering the reliability of the provider.

Solution: Research and identify reputable shipping providers that offer a good balance of cost and service.

9. Using Incorrect Shipping Categories:

Mistake: Selecting improper shipping categories to cut costs.

Solution: Use the correct freight class to avoid reclassification fees and ensure accurate shipping.

10. Neglecting Inspection Before Receipt:

Mistake: Not inspecting delivered items before signing the receipt.

Solution: Examine goods upon receipt, note any issues, and sign only when satisfied.

By being aware of these common mistakes and taking proactive steps, you can enhance the efficiency of your international shipping and minimize potential problems.


In summary, sending things internationally can be a bit complicated. Businesses sometimes have trouble with payments and the unpredictable market, making their import and export decisions less than perfect.

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